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In summer and winter, the tyres give you perfect Federal grip on the road to avoid any risk of skidding but also to allow you to drive with complete peace of mind.

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Tips for choosing a tire Federal

The Himalaya Suv is the most fuel-efficient with a score of C, the Evoluzion St 1 to the best wet grip with a score B of and the Formoza Fd2 is the quietest with 70 dB. Average tire prices Federal is 139.8 € and the Formoza Gio is the cheapest. This month, 1 people have chosen tires Federal for their vehicles.

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The brand Federal that produces both summer and snow tires. You can then order the tire Federal Ecovan for light trucks, while the Couragia AT model will be ideal for owners of a passenger vehicle or a 4x4. Motorists will be able to purchase the S S tire at a Federal 595 Evo low price. On our site, find the ideal discount on the tyre that suits you.

Winter tires Federal

For this winter, your choice will surely be the best-seller of this brand which is the new Federal Himalaya SUV tire. The drivers of a 4x4 can also opt for the Himalaya WS2 model. This last one will allow your vehicle to get a perfect grip on the most frozen and icy roads! Take advantage of many promotions on the above mentioned tires thanks to our comparator.

History of Federal

The tyre Federal manufacturer was founded in Taiwan in 1954. Since then, its history has been marked by several cooperations, such as the one from 1960 to 1979 with . Then, Dunlop has also allowed to Federal acquire an invaluable know-how during the period 1981 to 2000. Nowadays, this brand is totally independent and its tyres are distributed in about 70 countries.

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