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Strengths Motorcycle tyre specialist | Incredible grip | Wet grip


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The is the most fuel-efficient with a score of , Average tire prices Heidenau is 80.0 € and the K66 is the cheapest. This month, 0 people have chosen tires Heidenau for their vehicles.

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Heidenau : Motorcycle tyre specialist

The primary objective of the brand is to make available to all motorcyclists high performance rubber marketed at a very low price. Therefore, everyone will be able to equip his bike with a new tire in order to benefit Heidenau from an optimal grip both on dry and wet roads. In addition, a motorcycle Heidenau tyre can also be used by the riders because this German manufacturer also produces rubber for competition bikes.

Which tire to Heidenau choose?

You can choose the K70 model for off-road use. Enduro riders can choose the K37 tyre. Thanks to its wide range of summer and winter tyres, the brand will be able to meet Heidenau all demands and perfectly equip your two-wheeler. Take advantage of our promotions to acquire one of these cheap Heidenau tires.

History of Heidenau

Heidenau which was born in 1946. Of German origin, this tire manufacturer did not look far to find a name for itself because it simply corresponds to the town where its factory was founded!

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