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Metzeler focuses all its attention on the manufacture of motorcycle tires. It thus offers two-wheeled tyres with unquestionable performance while considering safety and reliability.

Strong points : reference in motorcycle tyres | safety | reliability | excellent performance


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The is the most fuel-efficient with a score of , Average tire prices Metzeler is 124.6 € and the Sportec Street is the cheapest. This month, 1 people have chosen tires Metzeler for their vehicles.

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Metzeler the biker's paradise

Tires inherited from racing experience

What do motorcyclists expect from a tire? A question that the manufacturer has Metzeler already answered through its advanced products. To achieve this result, the brand is constantly finding new materials, introducing new manufacturing concepts and always being at the forefront of technical development. And the experimentation in the field since its creation helps a lot to meet the real expectations of motorcyclists.

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Amateurs and professionals are served, whatever the type of motorcycle to be ridden: scooter, supersport, custom, sport touring, enduro street or off road.

History of Metzeler

The tyres Metzeler were developed in a small German company founded by Robert Friedrich. Having had its ups and downs, the company did not give up and continued its quest for new technologies to make itself known internationally. Present on the road, but also in competition, has been supporting Metzeler drivers since 1925, until they set speed or best time records.

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