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Quiet, sturdy, grippy, they hold the road without any problem, both on dry and wet ground.

Highlights: Traction | Quality | Very good value for money


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The Zx7 is the most fuel-efficient with a score of B, the Zv7 to the best wet grip with a score A of and the Wv7 is the quietest with 69 dB. Average tire prices Avon is 108.5 € and the Viper Stryke Am63 is the cheapest. This month, 1 people have chosen tires Avon for their vehicles.

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Equipping kartings of very high level, the rubber of the tires has a specific Avon technology that allows them to literally tape the tarmac. The Tyres brand Avon has a very interesting price/quality ratio. The Tyres brand has a very attractive price/quality ratio. In the corners, your vehicle will not suffer from a loss of grip. Tyres specialises Avon in short distance competition tyres and the range of touring tyres integrates the know-how of the brand Avon developed for competition.

Car tires Avon

Take advantage of important promotions on the summer tyre or the Zt5 Storm 2 Ultra Av56 model, which is very comfortable for everyday journeys. wants to enter the consumer tyre Avon market, which is why the tyres are offered at very competitive prices while offering quality and performance worthy of the biggest tyre brands. The brand also has winter tires. For the snowiest roads, discover the range of snow tires Ice Touring ST or the tires Avon Ranger Ice at a reduced rate on our site.

History of the company Avon

Avon is an Anglo-Saxon tyre manufacturer that has been in business since 1885. The company was the Foursupplier of several Formula 1 teams in the 1980s and today produces mid-range, multi-purpose tyres.

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