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The South Korean manufacturer quickly became a world tire leader. The quality of its tyres is irreproachable. A wise choice for sports tyre enthusiasts.

Strong points DNA Sportif | Quality | Longevity | Attractive Price "


Tips for choosing a tire Hankook

The Ventus Prime 3 K125 is the most fuel-efficient with a score of A, the Ventus S1 Evo K107 to the best wet grip with a score A of and the Kinergy Eco K425 is the quietest with 64 dB. Average tire prices Hankook is 129.2 € and the Optimo K715 is the cheapest. This month, 0 people have chosen tires Hankook for their vehicles.

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Hankook a world tire leader

Summer tires Hankook

Hankook the Evo 2 W320 uses the latest technology to design tyres with excellent grip, performance and reduced risk of aquaplaning. It is possible to find a cheap tyre Hankook because the brand has an excellent quality/price ratio for a Premium reference. Choose between the summer tyre , Ventus S1 Evo2 K117 or the Kinergy Eco K425 (eco tire) for your next tire purchase!

A reference for SUVs

Very present in Australia where the use of SUVs is unavoidable, the tires are considered Hankook there among the best. Take advantage of discounts to purchase I*Cept Hankook Winter winter tyres at low prices. Having a very high efficiency for SUVs and 4X4s, the tires are a sure Hankook value for this type of vehicle. In particular, they are fitted as original equipment on Hyundai SUVs. The Winter I-cept Evo 2 W320 snow tire is a bestseller.

History of Hankook

Hankook is a South Korean tire manufacturer established in 1941. This brand also produces batteries, wheels and brake pads. The tires Hankook are references in Europe, Australia and South Korea.

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