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Nexen is a sports brand that uses the latest technology to create tires with excellent grip and exceptional durability.

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Tips for choosing a tire Nexen

The N Blue S is the most fuel-efficient with a score of A, the N'Fera Ru1 to the best wet grip with a score A of and the N'blue Hd Plus is the quietest with 64 dB. Average tire prices Nexen is 94.2 € and the N'blue Hd Plus is the cheapest. This month, 0 people have chosen tires Nexen for their vehicles.

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Why choose tires Nexen ?

Car tyres

It wasn't until 1956 that the first tire Nexen for passenger vehicles and 4x4's was discovered. Nowadays, motorists wishing to buy a summer tire can choose Nexen the model but it will N2000 still have to be replaced by a studded tire to benefit from an outstanding road holding on slippery and frozen roads. The low-cost snow Winguard tire is an excellent choice.

Sports tires

Nexen is a brand with a sporting identity that has proven its worth in many motor races. Sporty drivers will be able to benefit from these rubbers with their exceptional grip and optimum grip in corners. Turn to the N Blue HD Plus or N Blue Premium models.

History of Nexen

The brand Nexen was born in 1942 in Korea and has several manufacturing and development plants, the most famous of which are located in Yangsan and Quingdao. Exporting its tyres to 120 countries, the brand Nexen has made a name for itself by marketing rubber with an exceptional price-quality ratio.

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