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Specialist in off-road tires, is Maxxis a trusted brand that relies on quality. Opt for these sturdy and grip tires for your vehicle.

Highlights Off-road | Quality/price | Exceptional grip


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The Mecotra 3 is the most fuel-efficient with a score of A, the Premitra Hp5 to the best wet grip with a score A of and the Ma Pw is the quietest with 69 dB. Average tire prices Maxxis is 106.7 € and the M6029 is the cheapest. This month, 0 people have chosen tires Maxxis for their vehicles.

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Specialist in off-road tyres

The tires Maxxis are known for their good grip and above-average durability. Take advantage of discounts from our dealers to purchase At771 tires, S Pro Suv or MaSw at the best rate. Often mistreated when used off-road, their resistance is such that they come out practically new after cleaning

The tourism range

The manufacturer is recognized in the automotive field, especially in touring. The Maxxis Bravo Series all-season tires at mini price will keep you running all year round. Take advantage of our promotions to buy less expensive Presca Maxxis Spike winter snow tires or MA510n or MA 1 summer tires.

History of Maxxis

Maxxis is the main brand of the Taiwanese company Rubber Cheng Shin Ind. Co.,Ltd. Established in 1967 in Yuanlin, it is a subsidiary of the Japanese tire company Tire & Rubber Co Toyo . Ltd. Maxxis Has a very renowned know-how in off-road tyres. The brand used to specialize in bicycle, motorcycle, quad and 4x4 tires. Today it also offers a range of touring tyres.

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